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Our Craft Gin menu

Try some delicious craft gins from The Suffolk Distillery

Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk.

Gins are served as singles or doubles; neat, or with tonic or lemonade and ice if desired.


Single gin (25ml) and mixer:                    £4

Double gin (50ml) and mixer:                  £6.50

Single shot (25ml) gin only:                      £3

Double shot (50ml) gin only:                    £5.50

Use your beer voucher to pay for your gin!

Our gins

Suffolk Dry cropped.png


Double distilled with English grain spirit and infused with 10 natural botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, cassia bark, liquorice and cinnamon. Versatile and smooth with a delicate, crisp flavour.

Mandarin and cranberry cropped.png


Juniper delivers the pine scent of a traditional Christmas tree, whilst the sweet mandarin and tart cranberry balance perfectly to provide a fruity finish. Cinnamon brings sweet spicy notes whilst nine other secret botanicals invigorate and refresh.

Strawberry and cucumber cropped.png


Fresh Suffolk strawberries and cucumber combine to deliver a delicate and refreshing summer gin. Along with eight other botanicals, the subtle herbal notes of angelica combine with the delicate violet fragrance of orris to deliver a sunny infusion.

Rhubarb cropped.png


Fresh & vibrant rhubarb with a hint of vanilla, tangy and tart on the tongue, silky smooth on the finish, irresistibly moreish just like those tasty sweets you used to love.

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